Dr. Travis Stork, cohost of The Doctors, cares about the state of your abdomen. Why? Because when he’s not on TV, he works in the E.R. at Vanderbilt Medical Center. 

And his years of training and experience have told him that the one of the very first vital signs to check—one of the most important determining factors in whether a patient will recover from illness and injury, or face a future of disease, pain, and disability—is how much belly fat they’re carrying. 
In fact, visceral fat—the kind that clings to your waistline and infiltrates your internal organs—is not only unsightly, it also sets you up for a host of health woes, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
So fighting belly fat is the same thing as fighting for your life!


4 Ingredients was written to save Time & Money in the Kitchen!

It aims to SIMPLIFY all forms of cooking by creating quick, easy and delicious recipes which are:

  • Made with 4 or fewer ingredients
  • Explained in an average of 4 sentences
  • Made using just 1 cup, 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon
  • Made with ingredients easily found in your local supermarket!
When I first co-authored 4 Ingredients I thought our target audience would be busy Mums, just like me. I have been ASTOUNDED by the number of men, students and retirees who have embraced the 4 Ingredients philosophy.
It is my desire to write gloriously simple cookbooks that start with a Baby, and his or her transition to solids, and follow that beautiful person all the way to retirement and beyond.
On this journey I have been AMAZED to learn what you can make with SO few ingredients. It has revolutionized my life in the kitchen … And on behalf of my beautiful team of hard working Mums, we hope it does yours too!


A heartbreaking and personal account from Kate McCann on the disappearance – and continuing search– for their daughter Madeleine

Transworld acquires ‘Madeleine’, Kate and Gerry McCann’s personal account of the disappearance and continuing search for their daughter.

“There are several different reasons as to why I finally came to the decision with my husband Gerry to write and publish this book,” said Kate McCann. “This decision has not been an easy one. Many factors needed to be given thorough and careful consideration, not least the impact of such a book on the lives of our three children. My reason for writing is simple; to give an account of the truth.

Publishing this book has been a very different decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart. However, in the last few months with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands.

Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”

Gerry McCann said: “We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways too. Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information (knowingly or not) to come forward and share it with our team. Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw.”

Bill Scott-Kerr, Publisher at Transworld, bought the book from the Christopher Little Literary Agency for publication in Spring 2011. All royalties will be donated directly to Madeleine’s Fund – Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited.

Bill said: ‘It is an enormous privilege to be publishing this book. We are so pleased to be joining Kate and Gerry McCann in the Find Madeleine campaign."

The McCanns' Literary Agents, Christopher Little and Neil Blair, said: "We are honoured to be part of this emotive project and to support the McCanns in their search for Madeleine." 


Ashley Judd is an award-winning film and stage actor known for her roles in both box-office hits and art-house gems, and the daughter and sister of country-music royalty. In 2002, drawing on a deep well of empathy, she found her true calling: as a humanitarian and advocate for those suffering in neglected parts of the world.

Asked why she was opting out of a successful career, walking away while she was one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood, Ashley herself could not provide an answer. She simply knew that after her first trip to the notorious brothels, slums, and hospices of southeast Asia, her own life depended on advocating on behalf of the vulnerable. Promising each new sister, “I will never forget you,” Ashley began writing extraordinary diaries—on which this memoir is based—expanding her capacity to relate to, and to share with a global audience, stories of survival and resilience.

Along the way, Ashley realized that the coping strategies she had developed to deal with her own emotional pain, stemming from childhood abandonment, were no longer working. Seeking in-patient treatment in 2006 for the grief that had nearly killed her, Ashley found not only her own recovery and an enriched faith but an expanded kit of spiritual tools that energized and advanced her feminist social justice work.

Now, in this deeply moving and unforgettable memoir, Ashley Judd describes her odyssey, as a left-behind lost child attains international prominence as a fiercely dedicated advocate. Her story ranges from anger to forgiveness, isolation to interdependence, depression to activism. In telling it, she resoundingly answers the ineffable question about the relationship between healing oneself and service to others.


I have always been captivated by Rob Lowe,
He is the most perfect looking man in the world.
It is a great actor, but...
It always felt like he never reached that kinds of status in his career you would have expected.
This book is so good, it is an inside peek into the man behind Sam Seborn and its interesting to hear all the insider stories.

"A lovely autobiography, equal parts dish and pathos."--Vanity Fair
"[Lowe] writes viscerally and insightfully...He looks back at the aberrant highs of his heart-throb days, the changing nature of stardom in Hollywood, the trade-off he has made between high life and home life, and the step-by-step effort behind his show business survival. He looked like the callowest kid in the "Outsiders" crew. Now he looks like the sturdiest of them all"--The New York Times
"I really enjoyed it...Thoroughly entertaining: the Brat Pack years, the Wayne's World years, the Alcoholic Obscurity, the Glamorous Romances (Princess Stephanie of Monaco!), the Inevitable Rehab, and the Triumphant Comeback on The West Wing."--Time Magazine
"[Lowe's] charming, honest, even affectionate memoir is the story of strong guts behind a strikingly handsome face...A book to recommend widely."--Booklist
"A fresh pop-culture history of Hollywood in the ’70s and ’80s from the point of view of the man who lived it…[Lowe] is as funny as he is thoughtful. This is the best type of celeb memoir, because its author is as interested in the world as the world is interested in him."--People Magazine
"The world would be a better place if more stars’ memoirs were like Lowe’s--chatty, dishy, and with celebrity walk-ons (Tom Cruise! Sarah Jessica Parker! Princess Stephanie of Monaco! Martin Sheen!) galore. As entertaining as a Brat Pack film festival."--Parade

A teen idol at fifteen, an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty, and one of Hollywood's top stars to this day, Rob Lowe chronicles his experiences as a painfully misunderstood child actor in Ohio uprooted to the wild counterculture of mid-seventies Malibu, where he embarked on his unrelenting pursuit of a career in Hollywood.
The Outsiders placed Lowe at the birth of the modern youth movement in the entertainment industry. During his time on The West Wing, he witnessed the surreal nexus of show business and politics both on the set and in the actual White House. And in between are deft and humorous stories of the wild excesses that marked the eighties, leading to his quest for family and sobriety.
Never mean-spirited or salacious, Lowe delivers unexpected glimpses into his successes, disappointments, relationships, and one-of-a-kind encounters with people who shaped our world over the last twenty-five years. These stories are as entertaining as they are unforgettable.



This is the most inspiring interior decorating show/book on the Market.
It's all about a fabulous New York Couple and their 7 kids!!
Yes 7 kids ... and their amazing interior design company called 7 Design.
They are New Age, Fresh and of Tomorrow.
They will leave you punching holes in your walls, spray painting picture frames and thinking outside the square.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz, starts of the hit Bravo series 9 BY DESIGN, have been renovating and designing unique and hip homes for families for over ten years. Describing their signature style as a sophisticated but bohemian mix of high and low, new and old, they offer their realistic advice on how to create original, warm interiors with ease. One part practical guide, one part inspirational volume on creating a look for the home, the book pairs humorous anecdotes about the pitfalls and pleasures of renovation with a treasure trove of decorating tips: how to use both boutique and flea-market finds; how to inject lots of personality into a room affordably; how to decorate kids’ rooms so they appeal to children and adults; how to easily rehabilitate outdated furnishings; and many more. In each of the ten projects featured—which include a townhouse in New York City, a country house in Massachusetts, and a beach house in Brazil—before and after shots document the agony and ecstasy of any renovation project, as well as revealing the design duo’s vision and remarkable ability to see through the most awful of spaces to the amazing home that lies within.


Feeling sorry for yourself?
Well Michael J Fox isn't!
And you could probably take a little of his medicine.
This book will move you and show you what courage looks like.
Michael calls Parkinson's a Gift and if you read this book you will understand how it has made him the remarkable man he is today.

The same sharp intelligence and self-deprecating wit that made Michael J. Fox a star in the Family Ties TV series and Back to the Future make this a lot punchier than the usual up-from-illness celebrity memoir. Yes, he begins with the first symptoms of Parkinson's disease, the incurable illness that led to his retirement from Spin City (and acting) in 2000. And yes, he assures us he is a better, happier person now than he was before he was diagnosed. In Fox's case, you actually might believe it, because he then cheerfully exposes the insecurities and self-indulgences of his pre-Parkinson's life in a manner that makes them not glamorous but wincingly ordinary and of course very funny. ("As for the question, 'Does it bother you that maybe she just wants to sleep with you because you're a celebrity?' My answer to that one was, 'Ah...nope.'") With a working-class Canadian background, Fox has an unusually detached perspective on the madness of mass-media fame; his description of the tabloid feeding frenzy surrounding his 1988 wedding to Tracy Pollan, for example, manages to be both acid and matter-of-fact. He is frank but not maudlin about his drinking problem, and he refreshingly notes that getting sober did not automatically solve all his other problems. This readable, witty autobiography reminds you why it was generally a pleasure to watch Fox onscreen: he's a nice guy with an edge, and you don't have to feel embarrassed about liking him. 

Barack Obama is the most brilliant story teller.
He shares with the reader his life and you are able to almost live and breath the experiences with him.
It's a special book about a real man, who is very intelligent, candid and with a clear vision for a better future.

Barack Obama's first book, Dreams from My Father, was a compelling and moving memoir focusing on personal issues of race, identity, and community. With his second book The Audacity of Hope, Obama engages themes raised in his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, shares personal views on faith and values and offers a vision of the future that involves repairing a "political process that is broken" and restoring a government that has fallen out of touch with the people.


I read this book because I was curious...
It is a truely sad story of pain over a life time.
It's about a lost soul corrupted by her childhood and an life in Hollywood.
I wanted to offer Carrie a warm huge of normality and shake her till she saw how special and perfect she was.

Fisher's larger-than-life personality shines through as she performs her raucous memoir with all the panache of the standup routine that inspired the book. Her comedic talents are on full display—particularly in her diagram of Hollywood inbreeding that ends with the ironic punch line that Fisher's teenage daughter is now flirting with the grandson of Elizabeth Taylor, who broke up Fisher's parents' marriage in the 1950s. As Fisher romps through her own affairs and marriages, and her bouts with alcoholism and drug abuse, she manages to see the funny side in all of it, even bipolar disorder (she calls her manic side Roy and her depressed alter ego Pam, after piss and moan). She does a fantastic impersonation of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, and an uproarious sendup of George Lucas, who wouldn't let her wear a bra in Star Wars because he was adamant that there was no underwear in space.


What an amazing women Hillary Clinton is!
Her most famous quote of course being " It takes a village to raise a child" extends to a book about her life experiences, her husbands infidelity and a women who can make the world a better place.

As with most books written by politicians while in office (or at least aiming for one), Living History is, first and foremost, safe. There are interesting observations and anecdotes, the writing is engaging, and there is enough inside scoop to appeal to those looking for a bit of gossip, but there are no bombshells here and it is doubtful the book will change many minds about this polarizing figure. This does not mean the work is without merit, however, for Hillary Clinton has much to say about her experience as first lady, which is the primary focus of the book. Those interested in these experiences and her commentary on them will find the book worth reading; those looking for revelations will be disappointed.

Beginning with a brief outline of her childhood, college years, introduction to politics, and her courtship with Bill Clinton, Clinton covers a wide variety of topics: life on the campaign trail, her troubled tenure as leader of the President's Task Force on National Health Care Reform, meeting with foreign leaders, and her work on human rights, to name a few. By necessity, she also addresses the various scandals that plagued the administration, from Travelgate to Whitewater to impeachment, though she does not go into great detail about each one; rather, she seems content to simply state her case and move on without trying to settle too many old scores.

Along the way, she offers many apologies, though perhaps not the kind some would expect. She does not shy away from her "vast right-wing conspiracy" comment, for instance, though she does wish that she had expressed herself differently. Regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal, she maintains that her husband initially lied to her, as he did the rest of the country, and did not come clean until two days prior to his grand jury testimony. Calling his betrayal "the most devastating, shocking and hurtful experience of my life," she explains what the aftermath was like personally and why she has elected to stand by her man. In all, Living History is an informative book that goes a long way toward humanizing one of the most recognizable, and controversial, women of our age


I am curious about big families, managing multiple kids and getting through life with a family.
Kate Gosselin tells the story of their hope for just that.
Sadly the story also show a broken women, who clines to fame to provide her kids with more then she had in life.
She doesn't realise that all they need are the basics and all the love her heart can give.
Kate is filled with so much rage, anger and fear that it destroys her married and her spirit.
Its an interesting read.

Infertility treatments, twins, more infertility treatments, followed by six beating hearts on an ultrasound screen. That sets up the Gosselins' memoir of the exhausting and joyous events surrounding the births of their now famous sextuplets. Those familiar with the TLC program Jon & Kate Plus 8 know how their household runs; now their story comes alive for readers as well. Kate admits, "I was a bit of a control freak," yet also quickly draws on and receives the "peace of God... like a security blanket" through her months in the hospital, Jon's job loss and the impending arrivals. Details such as how they chose names; the sextuplets' birth day of May 10, 2004; and the babies' weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit are fascinating, as are stories of running a household that was perpetually full of volunteers, looked like "baby base camp" and required carefully sequenced nightly bath time. The Gosselins' life is a whirlwind, with their book reflecting the fast-paced, faith-filled approach they take to raising their twins and their miracle sextuplets.


Growing up on the Brady Bunch!
Must have been hard and after reading this book I can tell you for Maureen it was.
Its a great inside scoop into the women behind Marcia Brady.
She is sweet, candid and has finally found her voice.

For countless adolescents across America who came of age in the early 1970s, Marcia Brady, eldest daughter on television's The Brady Bunch, was the ideal American teenager. But what viewers didn't know about the always sunny, always perfect Marcia was that Maureen McCormick, the young actress who portrayed her, was living a very different—and not-so-wonderful—life.
In Here's the Story, Maureen takes us behind the scenes of America's favorite television family—and reveals with poignancy and candor how she landed on the dark side, caught up in a fast-paced, drug-fueled, star-studded Hollywood nightmare that led to the biggest, most important battle of her life. This brave, hard-hitting memoir exposes a side of a beloved pop-culture icon the paparazzi missed. Yet ultimately it is also a story of success and survival—an empowering, engaging, shocking, and emotional true tale of a young woman's lifelong battle to come to terms with the idea of perfection...and with herself.

I have no idea how I found this book, but I do know it has changed me forever.
Randy Pausch was the MOST remarkable man who changed the lives of every single person he met.

It is a must read!
The thing he said that will always stay with me was when he was giving advice to his daughter about dating.
Knowing he wouldn't be alive to teach her when she was older about boys!
He said " Never listen to what a man says to you, always watch what he does, his actions will speak the truth and never lead you astray"
This is something I will pass down to my daughter, 
I wish I knew this when I was dating, it would have saved me a lot of time and heart ache.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
--Randy Pausch
A lot of professors give talks titled "The Last Lecture." Professors are asked to consider their demise and to ruminate on what matters most to them. And while they speak, audiences can't help but mull the same question: What wisdom would we impart to the world if we knew it was our last chance? If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy?
When Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, was asked to give such a lecture, he didn't have to imagine it as his last, since he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. But the lecture he gave--"Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"--wasn't about dying. It was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment (because "time is all you have...and you may find one day that you have less than you think"). It was a summation of everything Randy had come to believe. It was about living.
In this book, Randy Pausch has combined the humor, inspiration and intelligence that made his lecture such a phenomenon and given it an indelible form. It is a book that will be shared for generations to come.


Praise for Eclipse:
"Move over, Harry Potter." - USA Today

"Has a hypnotic quality that puts the reader right inside the dense, rainy thickets of [Forks]" - People Magazine

"The legions of readers who are hooked on the romantic struggles of Bella and the vampire Edward will ecstatically devour this third installment" - Publishers Weekly

"[Stephenie Meyer is] the world's most popular vampire novelist since Anne Rice" - Entertainment Weekly

"Meyer's trilogy seethes with the archetypal tumult of star-crossed passions, in which the supernatural element serves as a heady spice." - The New York Times

Praise for New Moon:
-"Teens will relish this new adventure and hunger for more."--Booklist
-"[A] near-genius balance of breathtaking romance and action."--VOYA
-"New Moon will ... leave [fans] breathless for the third."--School Library Journal

Praise for Twilight:
-A New York Times Editor's Choice
-A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
-An Amazon Best Book of the Decade...So Far
-An American Library Association Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults

Product Description

This stunning set, complete with all four hardcover books as well as four collectible prints, makes the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story.

Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, TwilightNew MoonEclipse, and Breaking Dawn capture the struggle between defying our instincts and satisfying our desires.


I don't often open up about how extremely unwell I was during my Pregnancy and long after Taylor arrived really.
My Husband and my Doctors are really the only ones who lived through everything.
I shared a little with my friends and family but feel uncomfortable talking about it openly. 
It was a very dark time in my life. Andrew and I refer to it as the black hole.
One little ray of light that got me through each week was Kaz Cookes Up the Duff Pregnancy book.
Each Friday afternoon Andrew and I would sit out on the deck and read what would be happening in our pregnancy that following week, we always read a week ahead and were amazed at the things that were happening inside me.
 I have to say the absolute best feature is when it shows you how big your baby actually is each week!
Up the Duff is very special to my husband and I and although I was felt very alone while really ill, 
It allowed us to still share the pregnancy together and kept us communicating.
I highly recommend this book.

I am a huge fan of Doctor Oz and his book about raising your child has everything you ever wanted to know.
If you want to know how to be a "good" parent or how to raise a "smart" child  or maybe just how do I know if I am really parenting the "right" way.
This is the best book, It will answer every question you could ever ask and more.

YOU: Raising Your Child offers a brand-new way to think about parenting. Imagine child development—and your child’s journey though life—as a ride down a long, often unpredictable river. You are the guide, there to control the direction and speed that you travel. For the fi rst few years of their lives, your children are your precious cargo—the passengers who take in everything they see and who learn from you how to paddle on their own. As the guide, you can control the path you take and the environments you choose to travel in—with the goal of creating a healthy and happy life for your child. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:
• The mind relies on the environment to give clues and signals about how it’s supposed to develop and what it’s supposed to learn. Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz show you how to create the best learning landscape possible to help your child thrive.
• Breast milk provides the perfect concoction of nutrients to help protect your baby against infection, asthma, and many other conditions (it also burns 500 calories a day to help you lose that baby weight!). But if you aren’t able to breastfeed, we have plenty of tips on exactly what and how much to feed your baby to make sure that he or she is getting the best possible diet from day one.
• Get the truth about high fevers and learn the most accurate way to take a temperature (it’s not what you think!). You’ll also get insider tricks for handling everything from earaches to febrile seizures.
 • Whether your child is allergic to gluten or peanut butter, there are two dominant theories about why more kids have allergies today than ever before. YOU: Raising Your Child explains them and tells you unique ways to prevent and treat allergies in your child.
Our goal is for YOU: Raising Your Child to be the map that you need to safely navigate the waters of your baby’s life from day one to day 2,190, and in it we will give you all the tools you need to steer the best possible course.

Turning 30 was a turning point for me and preventing ageing became something that was very important to me.  Doctor Oz has brought together all the leading Doctors in the field of beauty to create a guide on creating the best you inside and out.
It covers everything from wrinkles to hair care.
And if you want to know how to take care of yourself well. Its a must!

Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans -- all those things that we can see (and obsess over) in the mirror. But the fact is that beauty isn't some superficial pursuit, and it's not some random act that you can thank (or curse) your ancestors for.
There are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty. Beauty is purposeful, because it's how humans have historically communicated who we are to potential mates. Beauty, in fact, is really about your health and happiness.
In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz bust the myths and stereotypes about the way we view ourselves -- and how we define beauty. In these pages, you'll find out why beauty isn't as much about your vanity as it is about your humanity. The doctors take a scientific, informative, and entertaining look at the three levels of beauty and explain how they all work together to form a complete and authentic YOU. Those three levels of beauty are:

  • Looking Beautiful: Your appearance influences your self-esteem and has major health implications. Here, the docs will tell you how you can look the way you want.
  • Feeling Beautiful: So what if you have luscious lips or gorgeous locks if your joints creak and you have the energy of a rug? The docs will tell you how to improve your energy levels, beat back your life-altering aches and pains, and come to grips with some of life's toughest stresses.Show More
  • Being Beautiful: By improving your relationships with your loved ones as well as with others, you'll be well on your way to finding true happiness. That's the ultimate goal: Having all three levels of beauty working together so you can have a happy and healthy life.

I have just started this book after living and breathing the words of Tizzie Hall in her first book.
I must say when we had a our baby we were totally clueless and Tizzie Hall has been the guiding light.
We have an amazing child who is such a quick developer, a wonderful sleeper and a happy and healthy child.
Everything we know we learn't through these books.
We now pass them onto all of our friends and have noticed the difference it has made to their lives.
It's the best gift you could give a parent.
A gift of sleep for both parents and baby, a gift of guidance through teething, weaning, tears and tantrums.
Both Tizzie Hall books allow you to get the basics right so you can focus on enjoying being with your child.

I must add it's hard work, but I honestly believe everything in life worth having you have to work for.

In 14 years of operation, Tizzie Hall's Save Our Sleep organisation has assisted thousands of children of all ages to learn how to sleep through the night, every night. 'Save Our Sleep: Toddler' focuses on the wealth of new information specific to sleep and behaviour in toddlerhood. The detailed advice in this book will help you learn how to deal with the tests that inevitably accompany toddlerhood and continue to enjoy a good night's sleep. It provides specific routines for sleeping and feeding for toddlers between one and three years, as well as addressing common toddler issues such as potty training, tantrums, food and feeding, childcare, travelling, moving house, daylight savings and the transition from a cot to a bed.

Tizzie Hall has gained an international reputation as a baby whisperer and miracle worker. Even from an early age, Tizzie knew how to read babies' body language and cries, and from that auspicious beginning she has developed a series of sleep routines that have provided parents and babies with a good night's sleep the world over. 'Save Our Sleep' is the book that parents asked Tizzie to write, and with over 40,000 copies sold in the past three years it has rapidly become the only book parents need to cure their own sleep deprivation! New material includes new routines, integrated feedback on routines, dummy use, express feeding, dealing with premature babies and twins, more information on teaching your baby to self-settle and brand new case studies and tips.

Returning to work?
Where to start?
This is the book for you, It really covered everything you need to know about returning to work, Maternity leave and your rights when returning to work after you have a baby.
This Practical guide will be your "survival guide" in making it work.
It's like having a really well educated Mum/Boss watching over you.
I found it empowering and extremely helpful.

A Working Mothers Survival Guide

A practical, realistic, down-to-earth and entertaining guide for all working women who want to have babies but keep their careers on track too.


We're all juggling and struggling and laughing and crying. And there's nothing wrong with admitting it. Forget trying to impress, let's just be honest.

The Working Mother's Survival Guide is a must-have resource for all new mothers who want or need to continue working after their baby is born. It's packed with essential information and advice on everything you need to know from pre-conception to returning to work to help you get through this amazing but challenging time.

From the mundane (How do you stop colleagues constantly touching your stomach? Are there any tricks to surviving 9 am meetings with morning sickness?), to the crucial (How early do you need to start looking for a day-care place? How can you prevent your pregnancy affecting your chances of promotion? How do you plan for your changing financial status?), to the absolutely essential (Can one woman wear the same pair of stretchy black pants to the office for six months without losing her dignity or her mind?), this book will answer all your questions.

Written by two working mums Sunrise presenter Melissa Doyle and communications consultant Jo Scard The Working Mother's Survival Guidefeatures advice from experts such as lawyers, health care workers and inspiring working mums, plus how-to-do', what-to-have' and where-to-find' checklists. Loaded with resources and more than a few laughs, this book is packed full of useful information to help new mothers cope and even enjoy juggling the demands of motherhood and work, as well as finding a little me' time.

Melissa Doyle is co-presenter of Australia's highest-rating breakfast program, Sunrise. One of the most popular faces on television, Melissa is also the proud mother of Nicholas, 6 and Talia Grace, 3.

Jo Scard has over 15 years' experience in political communication, journalism, government relations and public affairs. A political consultant at global consultancy Gavin Anderson & Company, Jo also has two young children - Marlow, 5 and Frida, 2.


Love, Wisdom, Motherhood is a book I longed to read.
I opened the first page and read about Jessica's struggles in Motherhood and I felt someone had read my own thoughts.
I took a deep breath and no longer felt along. My lungs flooded with fresh cool air and I couldn't wait to read on.

This book features the stories of famous Australian Mothers and their individual experiences are giving birth.
It taught me that nothing is "normal" you must find what works for you and believe in it.
Be kind to yourself, laugh at yourself and remember that the hard times never last.
It is inspiring to read how some extraordinary Mothers make it work in their own lives and how the grass isn't always greener.
Life is marathon and it takes a village to raise a child.
I learn't that we as women, as mothers need to give each other a break and never be afraid to offer another mother an open hand and heart.x

Love. Wisdom. Motherhood.
Heartwarming, inspirational, funny and revealing, Jessica Rowe interviews some of Australia's most influential women about their experience of becoming a mother.


Each year, every year, new mothers face all sorts of challenges in their mothering - some expected, and many entirely surprising.
Thinking about balancing children, life, relationships and work, the perennial question women pose is 'Can I have it all?' - but sometimes the truer question is, 'Can I get through this?'
Discussing with eleven extraordinary women what it means to be a mother, Jessica Rowe reveals the obstacles they encountered along the way, the joys and the heartache, the myths and the realities. Featuring exceptionally honest conversations with these fascinating women-Lisa McCune, Heidi Middleton, Elizabeth Broderick, Wendy Harmer, Collette Dinnigan, Maggie Tabberer, Tina Arena, Quentin Bryce, Nova Peris, Gail Kelly, Darcey Bussell and a chapter from Jessica herself-the ultimately joyous and shared nature of the motherhood journey is revealed.
With humour and great humanity, Love. Wisdom. Motherhood. is inspirational.

Jessica Rowe is a broadcaster and writer who in a career spanning twenty years has worked at all the major Australian commercial television networks. She is co-author of the bestselling book The Best of Times, The Worst of Times with her mother, Penelope Rowe.
Jessica has been a long-time campaigner for mental-health issues and is patron of the Mental Health Council of Australia and an ambassador forbeyondblue.
She lives in Sydney with her husband, their two young daughters and their grey cat, Alfie.


My hope is that by sharing the things I love with you they will inspire you, get you out of a hole or offer you a helping hand in troubled times. 
Just like they have done for me.

Things I love, I would like to start by sharing with you a book I searched high and low for.
It is full of quotes that change my mind set and make my heart smile. they remind me that when things get out of control all will be ok again.

Its a book that is a gift to yourself.
Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.
Miranda writes a beautiful book about her secrets and the messages she tells herself to stay centred.

Website to purchase Miranda Kerrs book and skin care range Kora

Miranda's first book is an incredible collection of thoughts, memories and lessons that will put you on the path to self-improvement. Written for a new audience of young adults, this book has important lessons on self-confidence, inner beauty and acceptance.

 uses some of the classic wisdom that has inspired Miranda to achieve, including many thoughts from world renowned authors and spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and others.

This beautiful rich, cloth covered book featuring personal illustrations from Miranda’s friends and family will become an heirloom that will be passed down through generations.

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