Rhian has already helped Mum's lose over 75,000kgs on her Lose baby weight Program.
The Lose Baby Weight Program is the only one I would ever recommend, It works and you will see results in the first week. It is simple, tasty and enjoyable. Taking the time and worry out of losing your baby weight and allowing you to have the energy and time to focus on your family.
I put on 28 Kgs with my first Pregnancy and started the program just before falling pregnant with my second.
I feel like I can enjoy this pregnancy so much for without the worry of weight gain and the fear of never losing it again.
That's a gift.. Thank you Rhian.
Lose Baby Weight is here to help mums to lose their baby weight when they are ready to do so. We are not here to put pressure on mums to lose weight but when mums want to lose weight we are here to guide them, support them and show how it can be done in a healthy way when you are a busy and time poor mum.
We are different from any other weight loss plan you have ever seen as we created the website especially for mums and mums only. We concentrate on helping mums whose goal is losing pregnancy weight after baby is born safely, whilst still maintaining optimal health and nutrition.
We don’t believe in weight loss programs that contain weight loss accelerants, ban certain food groups or don’t let you eat real food as that just makes you hungrier, more tired and are hard to stick to – plus we have a huge success rate.
Our plans also do not leave you with bad side effects like bad breath, digestive issues and no energy – instead you will lose weight in the right way and be in the best health possible – plus have increased energy. 

My note:
The Bible: That is how I describe the book below, I am not a great cook, I lack inspiration.
This book takes all the time and stress out of eating well and losing weight. It's a blessing and a gift you should share with all your friends who have given birth. I love it!
Chantel x

The Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise e Book has been created especially for the busy mum who wants to get in shape post baby and who wants to follow a daily diet plan and weight loss exercises. Our diet plans have been created by experts to ensure the food is nutritionally advanced, safe for breastfeeding and the exercise provides maximum benefits – without having to go to a gym.
Our diets to lose weight fast have been created by an experienced nutritionist who is part of the Dietician Association with the focus on optimal nutrition and ease for all mums – including the breastfeeding mum. The diet plan for weight loss is also designed to help the milk supply. If you are breastfeeding you can also choose to include (or not to include) our Lose Baby Weight smoothies on our 28 Day Plan – we give you options if you want to mix things up.
The weight loss exercise plans have been created by an experienced Personal Trainer specialising in post pregnancy weight loss and can be done with your baby and don’t require any visit to the gym.
How is Lose Baby Weight different?
  • We are a specifically created weight loss for women and health program that shows mums how to lose weight and then give weight loss secrets on how to do it and keep doing it so the weight STAYS OFF!
  • The plans are easy for a tired and time poor mum to follow and help to give you energy – and you have the choice of using our weight loss smoothie plans or trying our 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan
  • You will eat 5 – 6 times a day, eat real and fresh foods, not go hungry and be given healthy recipes for weight loss to cook evening meals that your whole family can enjoy
  • You will have thick, delicious and nutritious weight loss smoothie for breakfast and lunch – with real fruit in – not watery traditional weight loss meal replacement shakes
  • You will be given easy weight loss exercises to incorporate into your day
  • You have Breastfeeding programs to choose fromhow to lose weight image and we have lots of feedback from mums about increased milk supply on our plans due to the increase in good nutrition
  • You are given daily weight loss support, motivation and weight loss tips – plus we are here every day for one on one support
  • You are given a FREE Lose Baby Weight Pink Weight Loss Bible which contains nutritional information, recipes and tips to help you maintain your weight loss
  • You are given a FREE tapemeasure to help you measure your cm losses
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your products purchased
  • All you pay for are the products – everything else in the weight loss service and support is free!
  • See our FAQ page to see the most commonly asked questions
  • See here for some of the before and after pictures of mums who have lost their weight on our plans and read their inspirational stories

Tips supplied by losebabyweight.com.au
  • With summer nearly here, it is time to up the anti on your healthy eating and weight loss plans and increase the amount of weight bearing exercises you are doing to get the toned limbs showing through. This can be done with squats, mini push ups, core work and light weights - plus remember that you need to lose the excess fat to show off the muscles so make sure you are following a healthy eating plan to lose the excess weight. 
  • When starting on any weight loss campaign always make sure you get off to a great start by clearing out your cupboards and fridge by throwing away any junk food - this includes all chocolate/biscuits, processed foods and fatty foods and replacing them with fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain breads, rices and pastas. This is imperative as when you have bad days there will only be good food to snack on and no junk food to throw your weight loss off track.

  • When you are ready to lose your baby weight and shape up focus on living a healthy lifestyle and getting the right nutrition in your diet as opposed to obsessing about losing weight. You will find by giving the cells in your body the right balance of vitamins and minerals this will stimulate your metabolism and digestion which are both key in weight loss and feeling fantastic. So stop worrying about calories and start thinking about nutrition and health - your body will thank you for it.

  • Try including as many red chillies in your cooking as possible this winter. They contain a chemical called capsaicin which increases energy production in the body and stimulates the metabolism which is great for weight loss – it also reduces inflammation in the body so great for sore muscles.

  • The average weight gain over winter is 4kg - do not let yourslef become part of this weight gain trend and instead challenge yourself to maintain your weight (or lose it if you have weight to lose) by eating the right foods, cutting out junk food and rugging up and going for a daily walk - you can do it!

  • When you are out with friends in a cafe or restaurant be a leader not a follower. When you are about to order, get your order in first and order a healthy option rather than letting others order first and being tempted to eat what they order. Chances are that they will hear your healthy order and want to follow your lead too rather than go for a sugary or high fat option.


 Over the years, the carbonated beverage has been blamed for the obesity epidemic and rising healthcare costs. Some public health experts have even called for a soda tax to help deter people from drinking so much of it. 

1. It causes invisible fat buildup around your organs.
In the latest bad news for the soda industry, Danish researchers discovered that drinking non-diet soda leads to dramatic increases in dangerous hidden fats. In the study, researchers asked participants to drink either soda sweetened with 50 percent glucose and 50 fructose (table sugar, the soda sweetener of choice in Denmark), milk containing the same amount of calories as the regular soda, diet cola, or water every day for six months.

. Those who drank the regular cola experienced a 132 to 142 percent increase in liver fat, a 117 to 221 percent jump in skeletal fat, and about a 30 percent increase in both triglyceride blood fats and other organic fat. The regular soda-drinking group also experienced an 11 percent increase in cholesterol, compared to the people who drank beverages.
 Avoid turning to diet soda as a healthy alternative. Artificial sweeteners and food dyes have been linked to brain cell damage and hyperactivity; people who drink diet soda are also more prone to developing diabetes.

2. Some contain toxic flame retardants.
Some popular soda brands, including Mountain Dew, use a toxic flame retardant chemical ingredient to keep the artificial flavoring from separating from the rest of the liquid. Brominated vegetable oil, also sometimes listed as BVO on soda and sports drink, can cause bromide poisoning symptoms like skin lesions and memory loss, as well as nerve disorders.

3. You're taking part in the biggest science experiment on the planet.
Many soda brands on the market in America today are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, a heart-harming man-made compound derived mainly from genetically engineered (GE) corn. GE technology was only introduced into our food chain in the 1990s. We don't know the long-term health impacts of their use because the corporations that developed the crops never had to test to make sure it's safe over the long term. Other independent scientists are finding that GE crops are linked to digestive tract damage, accelerated aging, and even infertility.

Eating Plan
Breakfast 6.30am
Morning tea 9.30am
Lunch 12.00pm
Afternoon Tea 2.30pm
Dinner 5.00pm
Snack 7.00pm

Option 1: 3x Weat bix + Half a Cup of All Bran Flakes with Milk
Option 2: 3 Weat bix + Fruit on the side {1 Tbs Honey} with Milk
Option 3: 2x Toast {Wholegrain or Sourdough} + 2 Eggs + Spinach or Mushrooms
Option 4:  2x Toast + Light cheese {50% Less fat only}

Option 1: 1x Sandwich : Fillings 
Tuna, Chicken Breast, Lean shaved meats,  Eggs, Salmon + Salad
Option 2: 2x Sushi Rolls + Salad
Option 3: Soup {97% Fat Free} + 1x Bread or small dinner roll

Meats must be lean { mince premium grade } Lean Pork is better then red meat.
Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast.
3/4 of your hand is the portion size.
No: sausages, rissoles, chicken skin, fried chicken.
-Always include a Bowl of Salad or Vegetables with every meal..
-Potato x1 Cup

Snacks/ Morning and Afternoon Tea
-Handful or unsalted nuts {20}
-Piece of Fruit
-Vaalia Yogurt
-Vita weats x4 with a Scrape of peanut butter, avocado, 50% reduced fat cheese slice.
-2 cups of popcorn
-1x toast with a scrape of peanut butter or avocado