Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet the Holistic Health Handy Man, Lucas Finch

Luc is one of  my husband's best friends.
I can remember the day I met him.
I had just finished my class at N.I.D.A, Andrew picked me up and we drove to Bronte.
We arrived at this beautiful big old house on a Corner block over looking the beach.
It was a cold winter windy afternoon and we ventured into this amazing old house where Luc and a group of his friends lived.

He offered us some Chai Tea, this was my first introduction to Chai tea, I hadn't even heard about it before.
He peeled apples, ginger and lots of fresh herbs in a pot on the tiny stove and and we headed out to the front garden to talk.
It was over grown with wild flowers and there the three of us sat together sipping on the most amazing drink I had ever tasted.
It was warm, comforting and felt special.
It didn't take me long to learn they were the same qualities as Lucas Finch.

After suffering chronic pain throughout my pregnancy and long after, inspired by Luc I started seeing a Chinese Medicine Specialist who was a female and who studied with Luc.
Her name is Aja and she is also one of the most amazing people I have ever met.
I have weekly Acupuncture with her and take a mixture of herbs.
I have had the most tremendous results and my pain has reduced dramatically!
I can't recommend it enough.
It really is the most spiritual experience and a truely healing environment.

I believe suffering with Chronic pain can cripple your world, not just your body.
When you feel like you want to give up hope of ever feeling your old self again.
This is where you should turn.

Your health is multidimensional.
HHH offers a range of related services
integrated to optimize your
health and well being


Lucas Finch

Lucas ambition is to bring about change in peoples lives.

After finding much transormation from teachers of Buddhism and Martial arts early on Lucas came to study Chinese medicine with a 'spiritual inclinication'. As a result of university training, Lucas developed a love for the pragmatism and honesty of the sciences.

Continually hungry to find new avenues to allow communication on deeper levels without getting bogged down in esoteric philosophisation, Lucas has enjoyed adding Neuroscience, coaching and the sciences as useful tools when explaining the wonders of the body and environment to his clients.

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