Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Help your teen find the career of their dreams.
Macarthur Parents is here to help you along your way with advice and career support for Mum and Dad to ensure your children follow the right path for them.

About Macarthur Parents:

MWLP is committed to supporting Macarthur parents and families and encourages parents, carers and grandparents to regularly visit this website to view up-to-date information and opportunities to engage with child development experts and other parents. As an MWLP initiative, this site has been created for you as a parent, carer and grandparent to find career information, connect with other parents, find out what’s happening in the local community, connect with career professionals and become a partner in learning.
It has been proven that Parents play a crucial and important role in the education of their children. Your involvement and encouragement will assist your child to excel in any chosen career choice they may be interested in. Macarthur Parents encourages you to take an active role in the education and transition of your child in providing important resources to support your involvement. 
As a parent, carer or grandparent you can help your child with career decisions, further educational planning, and goal setting and make a lasting positive impact on your child’s potential success. Our articles, resources, links and career advice can help guide you through these changes as your child becomes an independent adult.
You can help your child by being positive about their ideas and their chances of finding a enjoyable career path. Consider together their suitability for different jobs and help them identify their ATTRIBUTESINTERESTS, and EXPERIENCES. Talk to them about their HOPESVISIONS and DREAMS for the future and where they would like to work or study. There are many pathways now a day when leaving school to work that can lead into rewarding careers. It is important to remember that people will move between pathways and are not locked into one occupation or education level. It’s easy to move from work to study, TAFE to university, or Apprenticeship/Traineeship into a long term professional Career.
Many studies show that young people cite their parents most frequently as the main influence in their pathways. No other group even comes close”
– Sarah M Shoffer & Richard H Klemer