Monday, December 19, 2011

The Secret to Longevity

It's no secret that people with strong social support systems tend to live longer.
But it turns out it's not what your friends and family do for you; it's actually what you do for them that counts.
Men and women who like to give a helping hand- the ones who care for their neighbors , the ones whom others turn to for advice - are the ones who live the longest.

Everyone fantasizes about a job that isn't stressful, never follows you home, compliments your personality and interests.
But the ideal work life won't necessarily increase your life life.
It's shown that people who persevere towards accomplishment despite high levels of stress live longer then people who work in their dream job.

Train without pain!
Choose low impact activities you enjoy rather then rigorous sports you dread, in the long term you are more likely to stick to it.

Have more fun in bed!
Studies show women who most often reach climax tend to live longer. A little stress is good! Always assuming the best they say may leave you unequipped to deal with the worst.
Such as trauma or illness.
A little worry keeps you warmed up for the curveballs life throws you.