Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's time to lose your baby weight !

I was so bless to stubble upon Rhian and her Amazing Lose your baby weight program.

I have never been on a mission to lose weight until the birth of my first child Taylor and a pregnancy weight gain of over 28Kgs. Shocking I know.

I walked everyday and tried as best I could to do it myself but I was lost, sad and left with a body I didn't know myself in.

I was also left in chronic pain after a fall in my pregnancy and couldn't join a gym or lift weights or burn the fat off my thighs.

Lose baby weight is a program designed just for us Mums, It's a first and it works.

I saw myself losing one kg a week and although 21 weeks pregnant I will use the program straight after the birth of my little boy!

It keeps me sain knowing I have a positive weight loss solution that will work for me.

I believe in what Rhian is doing and encourage you to invest into your own fantastic well being.

Find yourself again too.

The Place to head now is

Food for thought:

  • On average Mums retain 40% of their baby weight after having a baby
  • Lose Baby Weight can help you lose up to 1kg a week!
  • Breastfeeding burns 500 calories per day.
  • Lose baby weight works!
  • 1 in 2 Mum's skips breakfast

Lose Baby Weight has a Must have book Called 
" 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet and Exercise Book"
It's a Must have.

And this week they will laugh "The Healthy Mummy Range"

The Healthy Mummy range has been created in conjunction with leading nutritionists, dieticians and with the input from the Monash University to ensure it is beneficial for breastfeeding mums.
Being a mum can be hard work and because motherhood can leave us sleep deprived and exhausted it can mean we don’t have the time or energy to cook healthy foods – as well as leaving us turning to unhealthy foods to snack on. Our research also shows that 1 in 2 mums don’t eat breakfast and that 3 out of 5 don’t have the time to eat healthy foods
For our body to function properly we need a wide range of nutrients at every meal time, and if we don’t get these nutrients we can gain weight, find it hard to lose weight, have a lack of energy and not be in our best health.
So it is because of this and knowing how time poor mums are that we have created our range to help mums get all the nutrients they need in our tasty smoothies as well as providing easy to follow diet plans, easy to follow exercise plans and constant support – all designed for mums and by mums who understand how hard weight loss can be when you have a whole new set of priorities.
The Healthy Mummy range includes our smoothie mix (which comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry), portion controlled dark chocolate, fish oils and protein powder which when used in conjunction with our healthy food recipes and exercise suggestions can help you to lose your baby weight, have a great milk supply and have increased energy.
How can the Healthy Mummy Range improve your heath?

                It will give your body over 25 vitamins and minerals every day

                It will help your energy levels due to the excellent nutrition

                It can improve your digestion and bowel movements – it has more fibre than any other product on the market!

                It can help you lose weight and is high in protein and low in sugar

                It can be used a substitute for breakfast or lunch or as a nutrition boosting snack

                It can help to improve your milk supply

                The fish oils can help boost your baby’s brain development

                The portion controlled dark chocolate give you a treat without you feeling deprived

It can help improve your skin, hair and nails due to the ingredients in our smoothies and fish oils