Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet Tracey Spicer, She has started a movement!

Tracey Spicer is renowned for her impeccable journalistic skills in the media, but if you are ever fortunate enough to meet her you will be swept away with her genuine nature and strength of character!
She is a Mother of two, a leader and a thinker, she isn't afraid to ask the big questions and today she speaks about the Price of Beauty and the impact it has on every aspect of our lives.
It's something we do everyday without taking the time to ask the questions, It speaks volumes of Tracey that she is the one to stop as ask WHY?

Find out why the media expect women who appear on screen to be a size 10.
We ask who sets the standards The Public, The Network Bosses or Women?
The average women spends 27 Minutes on grooming daily.
That's 10 full working days a year, or 3,276 hours over a life time!
Could we use this time better? You Bet!
You could complete a course at Oxford University, Learn and Instrument or a Language!
Find out how the amount of time you spend grooming effects how much you earn and how you are perceived in the work place.

We ask Tracey... Is there a better way?


Watch Tracey Spicer's Presenting at TEDX

For the Price of:You Could Have:
breast implant surgerya year of college tuition
a year’s worth of Slim Fastplane tickets to Europe
one month of fake tanninga one-hour massage
a set of salon highlightstwo weeks of groceries
uncomfortable shoesgas for a 1,200 mile road trip
a pair of designer jeansa lift ticket at a ski resort
a set of acrylic nailsa day at an amusement park
a breast-enhancing braan afternoon canoe trip
12 fashion magazinesdinner at a nice restaurant
another tube of lipsticka long distance call to a friend