Friday, October 31, 2014

Win $10,000 Cash on C91.3FM, What will $10,000 Buy YOU?

1. A Rocking Chair Bed
rocking chair bed
For maximum foolishness, sleep in an abandoned warehouse.
Do you like sleeping in an enclosed bed? Do you like the feeling of sleeping like you’re on the high seas? Do you like the idea of sleeping in something like looks like a barrel? Bro. BRO. Bro. Rocking chair bed. Because nothing can go wrong.

 2. A Hobbit Home.
hobbit house
Kind of loses the effect with the utility pole in the background.
Beach house? Why not Hobbit House? This is a great place to duck away for some studying, or meditation, or spontaneous freakouts. And you’ll even have money left over, which you could use for wizard robes or little hats or whatever Hobbits wear.

3. Buy Ten Thousand Lottery Tickets

I could do like Washington Wizards forward Chris Singleton did the last time the Mega 

Millions lottery was up to 500 million dollars.

Singleton bought ten thousand lottery tickets. 

I would only buy $5,000 worth of lottery tickets. 

By the way, Singleton did tell reporters "it was a good investment that didn't pan out."

4. A Trip to Las Vegas and One Hamburger

Lets Fly to Las Vegas and split a $5,000 per burger at the Fleur de Lys restaurant in the

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Round trip airfare on American Airlines

 round-trip $1,000, overnight hotel accommodations at the Mandalay Bay $1,000. 

Leaving $3,000 for the one armed bandits.

The $5,000 burger is made with 100% Kobe beef imported from Japan, 

topped with a slab of foie gras, black truffle, and truffle sauce served on a brioche truffle 


Wash the burger down with a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1995 which retails for $5,000.

Total  trip cost just under under $10,000.

5. Take up to 25 Family and Friends on a Cruise

I did the math for the "Rudy Cruise" and at $679 per person that gets 

14 family and friends on a seven day cruise Sept 7th-14th 2014. 

Of course the alcohol, souvenirs and commemorative matching BFF 

tattoos are not included in the price.

6. A life like head made of yourself.
lifelike busts urn

This is more creepy than ridiculous. If you’d like to be cremated but want an urn with personality, you can get one that’s sculpted to look exactly like you, like the Barack Obama urn pictured above. 
You don’t even NEED to be a ghost when you can haunt the living this perfectly. The full-sized 11 inch urn is $2,600, so with 10k you can get one for your spouse or each member of your family.

7. A “Water Thrusting Jet Bike.”
jet bike water ski
I just, I can’t.
A what? “Feel the rush of riding a motorcycle with flight capabilities with this water thrusting jet bike…
It combines jet propulsion and water to bring you a devastatingly fun recreational vehicle guaranteed to improve any day at the beach or lake.” Oh, okay. So basically this is nothing. Perfect!

8. A Waterproof Pool Table.
billard table swimming pool

For all once of those times when you wanted to play pool in a pool. 
9. A really expensive cocktail.
cocktail expensive
Has a woodsy undertone and a bit of an “I really want people to hate me” taste.
At London’s highly exclusive Playboy club, the legendary cocktail-connoisseur Calabrese was delighted to mix the luxury $8,830 concoction using the 240-year old ingredients dating back to before the French Revolution. Defined to be a classic blend of vintage ingredients, the cocktail dubbed as ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’ was bought by an affluent long-term client of Calabrese.
Basically it’s a cocktail made from lots of old alcohol, costs $8,830 and doesn’t even come with a cool hat or anything.

10. Write the book that will launch your careerJulia Child’s first cookbook helped turn her into a star. Follow her recipe, but get to the table faster by self-publishing. You can hire an editor, designer, and formatting expert for some $6,000 via; use the rest of the $10K to pay a publicist.

 11. Create a D.I.Y. home theaterThe average home theater costs $26,000. But Dave Pedigo of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association helped MONEY put together this one for under 10 grand, with wiggle room for extras like 3-D glasses, movies, and a gaming console.
Seats: Novo Home Viewpoint (around $1,400)
Screen: LG’s 55-inch LED TV ($3,300) or Stewart Filmscreen($1,200 to $1,500) plus Epson 5030UB projector ($2,499).
Sound system: Sonos Playbar ($699) plus Sub subwoofer ($699) and a pair of Play:1 speakers ($199 each)
Concessions: Nostalgia Electrics vintage popcorn maker ($370) andAvanti’s 3.1-cubic-foot stainless- steel beverage cooler (around $230).
12. Go to the jungleTraveling with four or more gets expensive fast. But a trip to Ecuador can help you stretch your budget. Since the opening of a new international airport in Quito, airlines have instated new routes to the city and are offering roundtrip flights from the East Coast for as low as $400, says’s Anne ­Banas. G Adventures was recently advertis­ing a nine-day tour of the country, including a visit to the Amazon jungle and hot springs, for $1,599 a person, down from the usual $1,999.
17. See Europe by boatThe market for travelers who want to explore the continent by boat is growing exponentially, says Colleen McDaniel of, but the launch of two dozen new ships last year has created competition to fill cabins. Recently you could get a seven-night late-fall cruise on the Danube for about $1,500 a ­person (a savings of $1,360). Nonstop flights from the eastern U.S. start at around $1,200. So a little over $10,000 would have a family of four out on the river in style.