Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leading The Way For Women In Small Business With Kristin Mc Donnell

It's time to follow your dreams and find real fulfilment for you and your family.
Kristin Mc Donnell has a joyful spirit and if you are women looking to start a small business and follow your dreams, she is defiantly the person to help you do it with great success.
Often we find ourselves wanting to follow our dreams, turn our hobbies and passions into a income and even leave our old less fulfilling careers.
It takes skill to bring those dreams to a reality and getting the right help from the right person may be the difference between dreaming and your brand new reality.
Kristin says if you have the concept and the drive to work hard she will help you make it happen.
So no more talking about it, lets meet the amazing women.
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Kristin's Message, " Make 2015 Your Most Profitable Year "
I assist you in all the essential stages of business.
How to START your business and lay the foundations to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.
How to GROW your business step-by-step, what to implement and when.
For those that want it, how to LEVERAGE yourself within your business and develop a passive income, so you can finally have the freedom and opportunities to do the things you really want.
Most importantly, I am someone who will guide you through the process (however much hand holding you feel you need), give you proven, tried and tested systems and strategies  to implement into your business.
I don’t have time for all the fluffy stuff and constant pats on the back.
If you work with me you will be required to take action, be accountable, and be prepared for change.
Without change, there will be no results, and without the results your still stuck where you are right now and not where you want to be (on a beach sipping cocktails, right?).

After a 14 year enlightening career in the recruitment industry as a senior professional, 
I decided that is was time to translate my area of expertise into my area of passion –
 Business, Marketing and People Development.
So after embarking on my own personal development journey, thousands and thousands of 
dollars on educating myself in all things business and coaching. 
I am now living my dream assisting amazing female Entrepreneurs and small business owners create 
their best business and change their life!
I pride myself on giving you the best; the best of me, the best value, the best female entrepreneurial
 community to connect with, and the most up-to-date business essentials to move your business 
from mediocre to amazing.
I also want to note that I am a big believer in making sure you are not alone on this journey. 
Starting your own business can be challenging, scary and also isolating. 
Not here, here you will connect with like-minded female business owners who are all on the same journey.
The journey of self-discovery, creating their best business and changing their lives and that of their families.

Meet Kristin at her next Work Shop in Sydney on July 23rd 2015
Check out Kristin's Website Below or find her on Facebook.