Monday, May 4, 2015

Montessori A Whole Child Approach To Learning

When looking for the right Schooling for your child, these days their is a lot of choices. 
Montessori is just one of them and after you find out about their clever and diverse range of teaching the whole child it will certainly leave you wanting to embrace a new way of teaching your own child weather it be at home or within a Montessori School.
I recently spoke with Kay from Montessori Australia to find out what these infamous schools around the country are really all about.
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Wonderful Quotes from Dr Maria Montessori


Montessori Australia

One hundred years ago, Dr Maria Montessori, an inspirational educator, developed a unique method of education, based on research into childhood learning.
The Montessori approach fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing an environment of activities and materials which children use at their own pace. This builds self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-worth and instils positive social behaviour. The approach forms the basis for lifelong learning.
In today's world it is more important than ever that children become motivated individuals able to develop to their full potential. Montessori takes into account the whole child and his place in the community, hence its relevance for today and the future.
Montessori educational programmes are offered for children from birth to threethree to sixsix to twelve and twelve to eighteenyears of age.  Montessori professionals also work to support the needs of children outside the classroom setting, with a particular emphasis on parent education and community outreach programmes.
Montessori education is growing steadily in Australia. There are currently around 210 schools and centres nationwide. The majority of Montessori schools are run by community-based, non-profit associations. There are a growing number of privately owned centres as well as programmes within public school settings. Montessori Indigenous learning programmes are also emerging, and Indigenous communities appreciate the fact that their own culture is respected within Montessori classrooms.

Montessori Australia Foundation
Supporting Montessori Education in Australia

The Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF) offers an extensive range of services to support Montessori in Australia. These include services for Montessori schools, Montessori professionals and parents. Schools can access services through an annual service fee. Indivduals can access many of the services through an individual subscription.

MAF is pleased to announce our alliance partnership with Guild Insurance. Guild Insurance has more than 40 years' experience insuring child care centres, so from the car park to the playground, they've got you covered. Our partnership agreement means that Montessori childcare centres not only have tailor-made solutions for their insurances, but by chosing Guild from our referral, a referral fee can be put back into the services we provide to the Montessori community. 

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