Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mums On the Go

Having a baby changes your life in so many ways, 
You meet new challenges, things that were once joyful and simple become obstacles and strains.
Eating out with a new born baby was rotten, I couldn't focus on conversation, Id be lucky if I got a mouthful of lunch in and I would be wishing that I was home and that I wasn't being stared at.
Taylor would cry, vomit and well.... be a baby.
I remember my in-laws calling asking me out to lunch and I had a panic attack thinking this is going to be a disaster and they are going to see through me and realise I don't have it all together. 
I did a search of the internet looking for kid friendly places to eat and discovered Mums on the go. 
I typed in my area and found a cafe in a minutes walk from my door step with a kids play pen!! Taylor played away, was as loud as she could be while I ate lunch out!!
And actually enjoyed myself.
I really wanted to share this brilliant website with you!
Its opened the door to getting out of the house and socialising once again.
I am so grateful.x


Are you looking for child friendly cafes, family friendly restaurants and child friendly pubs? Or perhaps you are desperate to visit a physio but you have a newborn and no child minding? Mums on the Go™ is for you. 
Mums on the Go is not a parenting website. We support mothers to value their needs much as their children’s...Mums on the Go has a directory of businesses that meet your needs and make it easy for you to bring your child along with you.
It can be so easy to neglect your own needs when you are so focussed on the needs of another person. Mums on the Go is all about feeling good about yourself, feeling empowered andsupported, and taking the time to do things for....you! 
Currently the directory services Sydney; however we plan to be national soon. Mums on the Go has been created by mums for mums. It is a community, come join us