Monday, September 5, 2011

I had a good laugh chatting with Louise Woods from "Girls Night In"She shared with me lots of stories about some amazing women going to the ends of the earth to create amazing Girls Nights In!They were inspiring to hear... a little out of my league but inspiring.The good things about arranging an event with your girlfriends is that you have something locked in.  Having a family and being a busy Mum means time with my girlfriends is missed out on and when I stop to think about it the time with my girlfriends are some of the happiest moments of my life. I have a chance to enjoy myself and laugh and kick up my heels.It's even more special when you are a Mother because we all know Mum's put their own needs last and we very happy to do so.By hosting a girls night in, we show our appreciation for each other, we respect our friendships and we raise money for other women going through the hardest times.I show women with Cancer that we care, we think of them and they are not alone. When is the last time you got together with your girlfriends?CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN TO MY INTERVIEW

About Girls Night In

Raising money and awareness for women's cancers since 2004.

It started as a relatively small initiative where friends got together at home and donated what they could to Cancer Council for their research, prevention and support programs.
This small initiative has grown since then and Girls Night In now raises over $4million each year, as many women embrace it as a great excuse to catch up with their girlfriends and reconnect in the name of a good cause.

No pressure. No dress code.  No expectations.

Whether it's high heels or trackie dacks, 'girl time' is about accepting one another for exactly who and what we are.
Many Australian women today have such busy lives juggling work, family and various social and community commitments. Finding face to face time with close friends has become a rare treat. Time spent with girlfriends is special. Whether you laugh or cry (or both!) it's about making connection, opening up and letting loose.

Whatever it is that you and your girlfriends do to spend time with each other counts as a Girls Night In. Set a date and get the girls together and collect donations in honour of your friendship or a loved one who has lost their battle with cancer.

Every dollar and every conversation counts. Everyone can help.

Are you in?


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