Friday, September 2, 2011

The Birthing Kit Foundation

A Cupcake, A cup of coffee, a pack of gum, all things we pickup each day with the coins in the bottom of our bag without a second thought.
Imagine stopping for a moment opening your hand and realising those coins could be spend on that Cup Cake, a coffee or a pack of gum OR we could take a second moment to think and see that those coins could save the life of a Women in child birth and save her child at the same time.

How wasteful do you feel right now?

$3.00 can and will save the life of a women just like you and me giving birth to her baby by providing them with somewhere clean and safe to give birth.
$3.00 is the difference between giving birth on a dirt floor or on a clean sheet.
It's literally the difference between life or death.
The introduction of the Birthing Kit has shown a 100% drop of death during childbirth and its really easy for us to put ourselves in a new mothers shoes for a moment and give up that cup of coffee.

I had the most traumatic child birth experience and was extremely ill. If I was living in Afgahanistan or Papua New Guinea and I had to give birth without the help of our amazing doctors the fact is Taylor and I wouldn't be here.

Please have a listen to my interview with the Birthing Kit Foundation and give a your coffee for a women who is just like you.

The Birthing Kit Foundation {Australia}  supplies Birthing Kits that provide for clean birthing conditions .
60 Million women give birth each year without the assistance of a Traditional Birthing Attendant or with no assistance at all.
These women need these wonderful birthing kits.
A Birthing Kit works by providing the 7 cleans required for a clean birth environment:

Seven Cleans
  1. Clean birth site - preventing delivery onto the floor
  2. Clean hands - to prevent the birth attendant transmitting germs to mother and baby
  3. Clean ties - to prevent bleeding from the umbilical cord for mother and baby.
  4. Clean razor - to reduce infection caused by other implements
  5. Clean gauze - to wipe away birth canal secretions from the eyes, which decreases future eye infections
  6. Clean umbilical cord - washing and drying the stumps prevents infection
  7. Clean perineum
What is a Birthing Kit?
  • 1m x 1m plastic sheet for the mother to lie on
  • a piece of soap
  • 2 gloves
  • 5 gauze squares
  • 3 cord ties
  • sterile scalpel blade 

Partnering with us

The Birthing Kit Foundation operates from Australia, coordinating the assembly of birthing kits which are then transported overseas to areas of need.  As we do not have any staff or volunteers located overseas, we rely on partner organisations to effectively distribute our simple birthing kits and report back on their use. 

About partnering with the BKFA

Our partner organisations are required to:
  • undertake an application and approval process
  • ensure that mothers or birth attendants are trained in the correct use of kits and the safe disposal of waste products (especially scalpel blades)
  • report on the receipt of kits and how they are used (in clinics/home births etc.) and by whom (midwives/health care workers/mothers etc.)
  • monitor and report on the effectiveness of the kits on the incidence of maternal and infant mortality and infection
  • monitor and report on the impact of the birthing kits on the community and if they result in a change of birthing practices, even when birthing kits are unavailable
  • work towards a sustainable solution such as making birthing kits locally.

We also require our partner organisations to:
  • accord due respect to the dignity, values, history and culture of the people with whom we work and distribute the kits without discrimination based on religion, race, political beliefs or marital status
  • refrain from placing political or religious messages in the kits or distributing such messages with the kits.

More information

If you are interested in partnering with the BKFA, please contact us for more information.