Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Amiee Atkins This Saturday 7th of April

What a delight to meet Aimee Atkins! 
She has simply had the most amazing career in the Australian entertainment industry, which all started from a childhood dream to play Dorothy the Dinosaur and once Aimee achieved this first mile stone nothing would stop her.
She is spirited, beautiful and an absolute delight to chat with. You really can't help but be infected by her warmth and excitement for children.
Her passion will drive her to endless successes and it's exciting to watch her bright future unfold.
I know you will enjoy my interview with her as much as you will enjoy her books.


For the past 14 years Aimee has worked in the children's entertainment industry, in both television and live productions. She has developed live shows, choreographing, performing and managing staff on tours with the ABC and The Wiggles. 
She was once Dorothy the Dinosaur, and has since worked with the ABC choreographing brands such as Dirtgirlworld, Bananas in Pajamas and Fifi and the Flowertots
 HAVING worked in children’s television and as a Mosman nanny, Aimee Atkins decided to get a wiggle on and write her own children’s books.
Atkins originally conceived the Billy’s Boatshed series as a television show but publishers Random House snapped them up first. The two Billy’s Boatshed books are called MJ Saves The Day and The Project and were launched last Friday at Clifton Gardens.
Atkins was inspired by her three-year stint living in a Manly boatshed with brothers Jason and Paul.
“Billy is based on Paul who would go downstairs in the boatshed and work on the boats and go out on adventures,” she said.

The books are aimed at preschoolers and explore themes of friendship and team work.

visit billysboatshed.com.au