Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Want to achieve more in your life easier and without stress?

I enjoyed every moment speaking to Laurence and to be honest we could have spoke for hours he just has so much wonderful advice to share.
He has a life time of learning and has done is absolute best to simplify everything to allow all of us to learn these skills in the easiest way possible.
Your Peaceful Place is a special book it teaches you easy and quick skills to help you relax and be happy without having to make drastic life changes. It teaches us how to relieve anxiety and stress in simply manageable ways.
It is a life skills book that can show you how easy it really is to get through the day and shows you what is really important.
I am so grateful to meet Laurence and have the change to share this with you. It's a must have!


If the answer is Yes, this book may offer the solutions, the exciting thing is it's all in your hands.

Join me as I speak with Laurence Toltz Co Arthur of Your Peaceful Place and find out more.

If you want to know How To Achieve More in Your Life Easily and Without Stress then this is the pack for you. 
Hundreds of success stories are in this book from people of all ages who have used my simple techniques to make it easier to achieve their goals and overcome the barriers that have been holding them back.

The system can be described as a goal achieving system, a change system or a healing system. 
The Purpose is to help people to achieve more in their lives – easily and without stress. I teach awareness of the power within us, and how we can tap into the power of the subconscious mind.

 The system makes it easier for us to change from what we are doing now, to what we need to do to achieve our goals and find solutions to problems.

Sandy and Laurence had researched why many people find it difficult to achieve goals in their lives and had asked a life coach the following question: In your coaching practice, do you find many of your clients have difficulty in changing established habits of thinking and behaviour?

 We all fall into habits of doing things, have our own long established ways of thinking and this is why change is so difficult. Many people think in black and white terms, which can be very powerful, but also very limiting and sometimes irrational. Coping with change is a universal human issue. Some people deal with change better than others. Many are very resistant to change, especially if they need to change a habit. 
I suggest many have a stronger force inside them not to change rather than to change. The answers are linked to the way in which they think, and how this affects their behaviour.

 We chose this name because a peaceful place is the heart of the system.

The book is simple, easy to understand and includes many stories as examples to explain the key steps in the system. 

The book comes with 2 CDs –

Your Peaceful Place CD1


1. Building your Peaceful Place 

2. Your Peaceful Place in 3 minutes 

3. Making your Peaceful Place a part of you 

4. Getting there in 30 seconds or Porpoising 

5. Building your Emotional Anchor 

6. Bringing it all together 

Your Peaceful Place CD2

1. Introduction to “Overcoming Worry and Anxiety” 

2. Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

3. Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

4. Introduction to Going Deeper into Relaxation

5. Going Deeper into Relaxation

6. Relaxation or Meditation Music

Music — Infinite Joy by Ken Davis